Jordan Cowman


Jordan Cowman, impresario, taker of names, and man about town, founded Nyx Records with Alison Rush and Dan Hong in 2013. He got into the Merced art and music scene through his work as event coordinator at Coffee Bandits and other downtown businesses. His connection with the downtown community, as well as his work in producing Alison Rush´s first album, Rarest Bird, inspired him to create opportunities for other local artists and musicians – his brainchild, Coffee Bandits Presents: The Local Grind, is a compilation of a dozen open mic regulars performing their original songs at Coffee Bandits.

Alison Rush


Alison Rush is a songwriter, artist, and amateur linguist; she enjoys semicolons and has been making dilettantism look good since 2010. She and Jordan Cowman founded Nyx Records together in early 2013, and her debut album, Rarest Bird, was the first project officially on the label.


Dan Hong


An early adopter, Dan has always been the first in cutting-edge production technology. He began his love for production 20-something years ago when he embraced the world of Cable – yes, the company. There, he honed his local television commercial skills, producing hundreds of unforgettable (and yes, a few forgettable) advertisements that reached thousands of individuals on a daily basis.

From Cable, Dan created We Three Multimedia, a multimedia oasis serving the California Central Valley and offering services ranging from commercials to websites to live events. In 2006, Dan began a new endeavor, digital media, where he was one of the first in the industry to create a broadband television system, reaching hundreds of thousands with cutting-edge, captive-audience programming.

Dan has been featured in numerous articles and books, including  the best-seller, Digital Signage: Software, Networks, Advertising, and Displays.


Christopher Casuga


Christopher Casuga is Merced’s Most Eligible Bach–I mean, a recording engineer based out of Merced, CA. He is 1/4th of the rock concern Feeling Gravity’s Pull and 1/1th of Fake Canadian. He enjoys candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and the Glyn Johns drum miking technique

Skylar Francis


Skylar Francise a 20 year old sound engineer from Merced. He was introduced to the idea of audio engineering and production when he started running sound with his father and uncle for stage plays when he was 12. He has worked on a handful of demos for local muscians, such as Shadrach Orange’s “Strange Bird” EP , Alison Rush’s debut “Rarest Bird”, and the not-bird-themed EP for his latest band Aubrey. He hopes to further his experiences with Nyx Records and eventually make enough money to go to school for it all.