Nyx Records is an independent label established in January of 2013. We serve recording musicians in the Merced County area, providing recording and distribution opportunities for fresh talent at reasonable costs. We believe that the Merced Arts scene is unlike any other in the valley, and that the abundant talent should be given every opportunity to grow and succeed. We are partnered with youbiquicast and as a result, our production values are top of the line.

Our first signed artist, Alison Rush, released her first album, “Rarest Bird,” in April of 2013. ┬áHer CD release party was held at Coffee Bandits, to a full house. Our second album, “Coffee Bandits Presents: The Local Grind” was a live collaboration of over a dozen prolific artists from the Merced community. Our newest signed act is Bus Stop Boxer, a talented and popular local band, who are in the studio now.

We believe in rejecting the existing model for recording and distributing music. For us, the musicians and the listeners always come first.


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